KLIKNPIK Market exists because we feel the need to provide the community with convenient online access to the local shops that we all want to support.

The Journey of our Founder

Our founder, Naseer, a genuine international citizen of the world, has lived in many countries, and was used to buying his groceries, meats, and fresh produce from locally owned suppliers and stores. Growing up with a grandfather who literally worked the land as a farmer, Naseer came to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, fresh food, and fitness. Early on he was taught the old adage, ‘You are what you eat,’ and subsequently has become someone who is especially particular about the food his family consumes.

In the kitchen, the point is driven home even further. His young family quickly realised the difference between quality, fresh produce and lesser quality foods – good food simply tastes much better!

A highly experienced aviation professional who is skilled at solving problems, Naseer came to Australia to work as a Team Lead at a consultancy just as the Covid-19 global pandemic practically wiped out the entire global travel industry. Naseer quickly understood many people like himself were going through challenging times due to the pandemic. Knowing the value of buying local, he saw a gap in the market and a need to support the local supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, butchers, and multicultural food stores so close to his heart.

Naseer genuinely believes that by buying local, we as a community can support the families who own and run local shops. After speaking with numerous consumers and local business owners, he discovered many Australians think the same way, and actually love buying local but need the process to be more convenient to do so. Local businesses have always found it difficult to survive in the marketplace as a result of Australia’s duopoly of supermarket giants being so incredibly hard to compete with. With a natural inclination to help others, Naseer created KLIKNPIK Market.

The KLIKNPIK Philosophy

KLIKNPIK Market strongly believes, ‘The Future is Local’. Until only recently, local shops have not had the ability to offer an online grocery service. The KLIKNPIK platform supports local businesses by offering them visibility and 24-hour access to their customers, while providing customers with the convenience of online Click & Collect from their favourite shops’ foods online, picking up their orders when it suits them best. It’s a win-win solution for everyone in the local community and economy!

The Care Factor

Family-owned businesses care more about their customers. Quality matters, because customer satisfaction and the loyalty it brings is paramount to a local business’s success. Put simply, each store’s brand name is at stake, so local stores want to get to know their customers. It creates genuine human relationships, and subsequently strengthens the bonds of the wider community. Relationships based on trust are born.


KLIKNPIK established its brand on a strong foundation of transparency, reliability, quality, flexibility, stability, and commitment to its mission of, ‘Placing shopping power back into the hands of the local community’.

Why Local Click & Collect?

After experiencing the trials and tribulations of supermarket delivery and its inevitable high fees, deliveries not arriving on time, worrying about missing a delivery and questionable quality produce that proved incredibly difficult to return or exchange, KLIKNPIK was unimpressed. Not wanting to stand in a queue at one of the major branded supermarkets, as well as having the desire for the quality produce and foods we know local shops have on offer, we decided local Click & Collect was the answer.

Click & Collect Convenience!

Easily change your orders, get refunds, and make exchanges. Pick up your order when it suits you best, and check out the meat, fruit, and vegetables upon arrival to ensure they’re up to the quality standard you require. Add the ‘local’ element into the equation and you’re able to access the unique products you love from the friendly shop owners you know, 24-hours a day. It’s a more personalised service, and you get to support the local family-owned businesses who are doing it tough as they compete with nationwide supermarket chains.

Aussies Want to See Their Orders

Australians are careful shoppers. They like to see what they’re buying first-hand. KLIKNPIK provides this capability together with quick and easy orders, fast packing, and seamless pick-up. You save time and keep total control over your purchase. At the same time, you get that special feeling of supporting the community and the environment, as local stores support local growers and farmers. As the produce is fresher and of higher quality, it also raises social awareness around the importance of eating healthy.

‘The Future Is Local’

At KLIKNPIK, ‘The Future is Local’, and by receiving feedback directly from our customer base online, we love seeing our associated supermarkets, greengrocers, and butchers increasing their market share by providing a better service, adjusting to their customers’ unique needs, and contributing more to the local economy.

KILIKNPIK truly wants to make a positive impact as we watch local stores become more competitive via our online grocery shopping platform.

‘Let’s make a difference. Let’s KLIKNPIK it!

Join now and start shopping from your local grocery stores online!