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Hands down the smartest way to shop for groceries!

Shop Your 'Faves'

Access your most trusted local shops and their variety of products online.

Never Wait

No need to anxiously wait at home or miss a delivery that may or may not come on time.

Give Queues the Flick!

Forget standing in line. Get in and out at the time that suits you best!

Simple Returns & Exchanges

No more difficult delivery returns. Assess your items at the store when you collect.

Avoid Expensive Fees

Delivery charges can add a lot to your bill. The low cost of KLIKNPIK is true value for money.

Flexicart Flexibility

Modify your order as often as you like – add and remove items with ease!

Personalised Shopping

Your orders and preferences are saved to make it simple and easy next time you shop online.

Reviews & Ratings

Get insights into each shop’s customer service, quality, value for money, and variety of products.

Customer Support

If you have any issues, we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Our Story

KLIKNPIK Market has embarked on a journey to develop a greater sense of community by offering the convenience of online shopping to the local community who wants to support its neighbouring family-owned businesses.

Our Story

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Join in the effort to put the power back into businesses’ hands and create a better future for local shops and the wider community.

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